The Truth About Fasted Cardio

The Truth About Fasted Cardio

What is Fasted Cardio

Fasted cardio is essentially any type of cardiovascular exercise done on an empty stomach. The only difference between regular cardio and fasted cardio is the fasting portion.

You can continue doing your regular cardio routine, just skip breakfast and workout first thing in the morning.

The theory behind this is that your body will burn fat stores since your stomach is empty.

The human body will first use up energy from the food it’s recently consumed, so if that isn’t available it must get its energy from storage.

One study featured in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that those who practiced fasted cardio burned 20% more fat than those who had eaten.

How Is This Different Than Fed Cardio?

Fed cardio is when you workout while your body is still processing food and your insulin levels are high. If you eat a bagel before working out, what is your body burning? The bagel.

The higher your insulin levels are when you work out the less fat you’ll burn. After you eat a bagel or anything else, it takes minimally 4-6 hours for your insulin levels to come back down.

Although insulin is vital for building lean muscle tone it is important to have low insulin levels for fat burning.

Taking all this into consideration, the best time to workout is first thing in the morning. You’ve got an empty stomach and will have optimal results.

If you really want to bump up the effectiveness of your workout, give yourself 14-16 hours between eating and your workout.

Will you burn more fat or calories from fasted cardio?

There are several studies regarding fasted cardio and body fat (like this one from Lehman College) that determine you can lose up to 20 percent more body fat doing fasted cardio than fed cardio (eating prior to working out).

When your body is in a fasted state, your body turns to fat for energy instead of stored carbohydrates from the meal prior—but it becomes more difficult if fasted cardio is done for long of a period of time, as your body will eventually need to refuel.

Benefits Of Fasted Cardio

Amplified Fat Mobilization

Everybody blisses the notion of mobilizing extra fat and fasted cardio delivers you just the chance to do the same.

Which so ever time you need to fast whether it’s done by avoiding mealtimes or adding extra training hours to your workout, you are just growing your odds with blister fat.

And moreover, you have a healthier probability to burn some fat in the a.m. for the reason that your cortisol levels are hiked in the a.m.

Cortisol is the hormone that supports absorb fat into the useful energy.

Additionally saying, it makes your body awakens up and makes your body ready to burn extra fat.

Allow for, on the other hand, that you are also possible to burn additional muscle too, but then again. If you add suitable quantities of protein in your food balancing with a forceful weightlifting training.

Improved Insulin/Glucose

In a new research done screening a rise in DNA segment signaling related to improved blood sugar levels and insulin levels in reply to a mobile practice headed by an instant fast.

The assumption was that eating just before the exercise was to be expected to put a stop on long-term alterations tempted inside the fat tissue inconsistency with steady exercise.

Meanwhile, this could be an actual game changer by enlightening your metabolic health.

Advanced Nutrient Captivation

After your training session, your muscles are further “starving” for glucose energy and your insulin sensitivity is make the most of, so nutrients are improved and bitterly absorbed.

So presumptuous that the superiority of your training will not hurt from your post-workout meal, you might be healthier matched to select the choice of consuming after your training.

Any further totaling to your routine, it is vital that you include fasted cardio very sensibly.

Fasted cardio proves to be the best way to hurry fat loss and aid burn fat in the abdominal sections.

On the other hand, it must still be added to a stable diet and a decent lifting package as well to safeguard you isn’t dropping a lot of muscle.

For some of them, it can be fair to increase your need for protein to see the considerable outcomes you are finding in your fat loss balance sheet.

Is Fasted Cardio Safe?

Like almost every exercise technique or regimen out there, fasted cardio could be unsafe for some people. If you are going to pass out if you don’t eat at least 30 min before you workout…then that’s a problem.

If not done properly you could lose muscle mass. Cause potential physical damage or simply just burn yourself out by being tired and feeling weak when exercising.  

It’s not for everyone…but it’s also not new and there are tons of people who will tell you that it’s perfectly safe and they’ve done it for years.  I can’t tell you for sure.

8 important tips to keep in mind include:

  1. Never do fasted cardio if you are feeling hunger pangs.
  2. Don’t do fasted cardio if you are pregnant.
  3. Don’t do fasted cardio if you have a serious health concern like diabetes. (Talk to your doctor about how to maximize your fat loss with exercise.
  4. Drink water before, during and after your cardio workout.
  5. Your next meal – Aim to drink an easily-digestible protein shake right after your cardio or a meal with protein.
  6. Eat a good meal 2 hours before bed if you plan to do a fasted cardio session the next day.
  7. Take the time to properly warm up and cool down.
  8. Fasted cardio works best when you on a very structured eating regime that keeps your fasted cardio in mind so that you are well fueled all day.


It is important to listen to your body when trying out any new type of exercise.

The Bottom line

You can do fasted cardio, and you might even “feel” better without food sloshing around in your gut. But doing cardio while fasted will not have undeniable fat loss benefits.

Does it “work” for some people? Of course. 

But don’t confuse individual situations with scientific realities. If anything, fasted cardio is most likely to make no difference in your speeding up your body transformation goals.