What Runners Should Eat: Nutrition & Hydration For Training & Racing?

What Runners Should Eat Nutrition & Hydration For Training & Racing

Regular exercise explicitly running comes with a myriad of mental health benefits, and confidence is one of them.  If you are not a runner yet,

it’s time to start.

And you need to improve your diet plan before starting the race.  

Whether you are participate in a marathon or other local competition, and then you need to proper practice and preparation.

Follow a few guidelines for preparing your run from a nutritional perspective and maximize your comfort and enjoyment during the race.  With these guidelines, you can better prepare for your next session without and dehydration.

Excellent and useful nutritional is a part of your ongoing training and make yourself a long runner.  For runners, food is more than pure nutrition such as food is fuel.  If you start training for a long distance race, then you need to find out the best nutrition and change eating habits.

There are some calories you need to consume daily depends on the duration and intensity of the workout. 

Planning your nutrition should not start on the race day. You need to start your diet before the race day and prepare yourself for racing.   The correct nutritional planning is enabling you to finish a race and 5k is very important to eat and drink correctly. 

Earlier preparation is a vital factor and following the recovery process of competition.  Generally, try to get the best habit of drinking water throughout the day. 

As an active person, people drink at least three liters of water daily and make you healthy and prepared for the race.  Regular practice of drinking and eating nutrition is one of the hard training session, and you do not need to experiment with different nutrition products on race day.

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There are some few nutritional principals to keep in mind for race day approaching such as:

  • Adding more complex carbohydrate to your diet: If you want to participate and start training for a race, then you need to add complex carbohydrate in your diet. The complex carbohydrate is easily found in all plant-based foods such as whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and vegetables. With the complex carbohydrates, you can easily store the energy and use them when you feel the need.
  • Drink more water: If you feel little dehydrated, then you feel slow, and you are getting plenty of fluids.   Then, you need to drink more water during the training time. During long training runs, you need to drink water every 20-30 minutes and often when you need.
  • Increase your iron: To avoid getting depleted and increase your iron. The lean red meats and leafy greens are good sources of iron, and you need to proper diet.  For long-run race need to better preparation and full nutrition for runners.


There are a few guide points for runners before three or four days from race day such as:

  • Emphasize crabs for energy: Your diet consist nutrition according to a percentage such as 70 percent carbohydrates, 20 percent fat, and 10 percent protein.
  • Increase the consumption of complex carbohydrates: With these crabs, you can quickly increase the use of complex carbohydrates. These crabs will give your muscles and brain fuel at the time of the race.


There are some guides for runner night before of race day such as:

  • Don’t Experiment: Before the night of race day, you don’t need any experiment of new foods and spicy food. You don’t need to try something heavy and different on this night. Mostly, no food or spice food could upset your stomach and feel off.
  • Eat nutritional meal: You need to eat dietary meals including whole grains, steamed vegetables or salad (tomatoes, carrot,) and a small amount of protein such as grilled chicken, fish, and lean red meats.
  • Continue drinking water: You need to drink more water as compare to other days and protect yourself from dehydration.


On the race day, you need to follow some guidelines and ready yourself for the race with a positive attitude.

There some points that can include in the morning of race day such as:

  • Eat healthy breakfast of 400-600 calories: With a healthy meal of 400-600 calories, you can easily store your energy without eating something that will feel heavy in your stomach.    You can easily include good options such as Oatmeal, or cold cereal with low-fat milk.
  • Drink more water: For stay hydrated, then you need to drink more water. With drinking more water, you can feel refresh and hydrated.
  • Avoid fatty foods: If you are participating in the race, and then you could not eat fatty foods, because, with the fatty food, you can feel nauseous or full.  You cannot waste you energy on digesting heavy food and greasy food.
  • Have a cup of coffee: If you are doing so, then you take a cup of coffee. Caffeine can make you run smoother and give better energy.  But, it can also stimulate your digesting track.


You need to take proper guides for your racing day and implements these points into your daily dieting plan.

Two points are essential at during the race such as:

  • Keep yourself hydrated: Drinking more water is the best option to keep hydrated you. You need to drink water after each session, and even you do not feel thirsty.  Then, you need to drink more water and reduce the dehydration problem.
  • Maintain your blood sugar level: If you are running long race and some fueling station gives yourself energy, then you need also to maintain your sugar level and running with good strength.