Write For Us, Submit An Article, Guest Post, Contribute

Write For Us, Submit An Article, Guest Post, Contribute

We’re looking for guest bloggers and we welcome contributions to either site from experienced coaches, trainers, fitness professionals, and industry experts. 

All submissions should be original, previously unpublished work, and follow the standards. We want to make sure your content ALWAYS benefits our readers.

With these Simple rules:

Rule #1: Authors don’t have to have a track record of writing great content

Here’s what we look for when you offer us a guest post:

  • Sometimes we may Google your name to make sure you’re not pushing out spam all over the web.
  • We make sure none of your links go out to spammy websites.
  • We look to see how detailed your past content is. Do you dig down and cover something in-depth? We’re more focused on the value of the articles to our readers than we are on the length of the post.
  • But we are always looking for new up and coming talent so send it into us today and we will review it today!


Rule #2: We like outgoing links, but. . .

You are welcome to link out from your blog post as much as you’d like. . . as long as those links benefit our readers. Links that don’t benefit our readers will be removed.

It doesn’t matter if those links go to your website or blog, as long a they help educate our readers. As a general rule, your bio should only contain 1 or 2 links. Google Authorship?

Sure, no problem.

Let’s face it, lots of people have already written about what you’re writing about, so please share the love by providing links to sites that have already discussed certain points.


Stick to these basic formatting rules:

  • Submit an approved file format. These include .doc, .docx, and .rtf for text submissions. Video, photo, and other submissions may be of any standard file type.
  • Name your document with the title of your submission.
  • Ensure paragraph settings are “single line spacing” and “do not add spaces between paragraphs.”
  • Include all photos/illustrations/videos separately, not embedded in the document
  • Use one space at the end of each sentence.
  • Do not use bullet points or numbered lists. Just write out the list and our editors will format it properly.
  • Use the serial comma.
  • If you have formatting notes or URLs you would like us to include, use the comments function in Word, or include them parenthetically.
  • If you cite research, use primary sources and include a list of references with your article.


Rule #3: Not good . .. we’re looking for great!

Some basics about great content:

  • No spelling or grammar errors.
  • Must be over 1000 – 1500 words and contain pictures!
  • We have to believe in the post.
  • The content has to fit our blog theme, which is Fitness, Nutrition and Bodybuilding.


We encourage submission of content in the following areas:


  • Movement theory and technique
  • Implement use demonstration
  • Lifestyle and mindset
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Sports psychology
  • Mobility and recovery
  • Principles of strength and conditioning
  • Social trends
  • Sport-specific topics


Healthy Eating

  • Nutrition plans
  • Nutrition science
  • Recipes
  • Fueling strategies for competition
  • Eating for body composition change (i.e. fat loss or muscle gain)



  • General physical preparation (GPP)
  • Sport-specific training
  • Job-specific training
  • Bodyweight workouts and natural movement
  • Olympic weightlifting plans
  • Powerlifting plans
  • Gymnastics
  • Yoga


Rule #4: We own the content when we publish it. Period.

We’re happy to give you credit for writing the post and links in your bio box, but we require the rights to the content (with attribution).

This really means that if a journalist wants to republish your article, we can authorize that without contacting you.

Rule #5: When someone comments on your post, you need to respond.

This is pretty simple! We want a community that is engaged with the content, comments on it and shares it. If someone takes the time to comment, we expect you to reply.

That’s it! 5 simple rules for our guest bloggers. The key is that our readers benefit from your article. Want to discuss your blog topic idea?

Got a ready made guest article? Send it to us today!!!

Email me at: Dan@wolvesfitness.co.uk